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wpForo 1.x.x Mobile Formatting Issue!

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Hey there, 

I'm having a problem where some posts aren't being formatted/re-adjusted for mobile properly. For example, if you look at the SECOND post in this thread: on mobile, there's only like 2-3 words per line. I realize this is partially to do with the bulleted list, but is there anything on my end I can do to make it more readable?



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Try this CSS code. Put it in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Styles > Custom CSS Code textarea. Save it, delete all caches and pres Ctrl+F5 on forum front:

@media screen and (max-width:480px) {
#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpforo-post .wpf-right ul li {
margin: 2px 0px 2px 7px;

Then use mobile browsers private session to check. Mobile browsers do hard cache so you may not see the change. Use other devices or browsers to avoid caches on mobile.

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Let me just say that this plugin is working ok, until I inspect it in mobile view, as well as through my mobile phone. The words in the title at the top in mobile view overlap each other, as if the margin between them is non-existent. You can refer to the attachment given. here is the link to my webpage

Appreciate it if you can help me with this.