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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Moderation options (topic/reply)

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Thanks for your reply. But I think you misunderstood me.


Actually there is only the option "Can pass moderation"


But I want to differentiate between topics and topic replies.

  1. Can pass moderation for creating topics
  2. Can pass moderation for creatig replies (topic replies)


To sum up: every registered user should be able to create topic replies without waiting for an approval. But he shouldn't be able to create new topics without an approval.


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Thank you for this suggestion, we'll take this under consideration.

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@robert  As this user requested, I too would like the "pass moderation" to have options that differentiate between topics and replies.  The reason is that I am making topics visible to any visitor requiring my moderation of what is published while I am making replies visible only to logged-in registered users who would have agreed with my "Terms of Use" holding me harmless for any such content as they could find offensive.  Please let me know if you should ever incorporate such options.

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Ok, I'll add this in the to-do list.

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