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[Closed] Need help removing the "in construction" banner as I locked myself out!

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OK, I did something really stupid, but now I am really stuck! 
I am in the process of finalizing the conversion from phpBB to wpForo. It went pretty well, and I am happy with that.
Now, my stupidity: as not everything is done and tested, I put the "Forum Board is Under Construction" flag on, but THAT is not stupid. What is, is that I changed the "connection" menu item on WordPress main menu to use wpForo register form!!! Which I have no access to, as it requires access to the forum. 

So, how can I remove that flag for the Under Construction. I have access to the database and to the code, but not to the admin panel of the site anymore, as I f I try to use wp-login, it redirects to the forum login.

Thanks for your help. Hoping to have smarter questions in the future....


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Hi @le-bear,

I see that you have fixed the problem.


How to Find Your WordPress Login Url:

The WordPress login page can be reached by adding /login/,  /admin/, or /wp-login.php at the end of your site’s URL.

If you installed WordPress on a subdirectory ( or subdomain (, add one of the three paths at the very end of your URL such as: or


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Thank you for your answer, Chris. Basically I tried all what you suggest, but each time I was redirected to the banner. Happily, I had another instance of the site open in another window (on another screen), where I was still logged as admin. This allowed me to go to wpForo parameters and remove the banner. pfff..... 😉

BTW, just allow me to say that I really like what you did. This forum looks pretty and modern, works well so far.

I converted from phpBB, and I am very happy I did. Was really afraid to do that, but it went well.