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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Nofollow internal links

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Please look attentive to the URLs, do you see this: ?foro=allread&foro_n=ecc415e63d ?

This is the suffix of the "Mark All Read" link button of  the forum footer. And it's set "nofollow".

All is correct, these URLs should not be indexed, because the topics and posts without the ?foro=allread&foro_n=ecc415e63d part are already indexed. 

For example, these two URLs opens the same page, the one which should be indexed is without the suffix and has already been indexed, there is no need to index a duplicated one:

  2. ?foro=allread&foro_n=ecc415e63d


In other words, all is ok and the nofollow links are correct, they all should be nofollow, because they have already indexed with other URLs, these are just a copy URLs with "Mark All Read" suffix. All your content are indexed, nothing is missed.