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Not Found in URL

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Please help me with the URL! After installation and configuration, wpforo goes to a 404 error. Although there are pages in the settings.

The requested URL /community/ was not found on this server.

How can I configure wpforo so that I can immediately go to setting up wpforo without seeing the 404 error.
Thank you!

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Hey iliya,


if the Page is set up correctly and has the title-form, then it should be accessible.

If you want to go onto the Forum-Page via typing in the url, be aware that you have to add the index.php (

If you want to set the forum page as the Homepage (the first website that opens) your have to go into Settings -> General -> Read and set the Forum Page as the homepage.

Let me know if that helped you. 




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Hi @iliya 

You have created a page and inserted the wpForo shortcode?
You use the slug "community" and not maybe "forum"?
Take a look at the documentation =