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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Not showing "SHOW MORE TOPICS " on front page

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Hi guys 🙂


I want to ask, If can anybody help. I háve Extended layout on forums and on first forum have lot of topics. But if some one Come to firumsand Look at them, it not showing, like it supose to do. 


If click one time on show more, it is working, but another tíme there is any "SHOW MORE". So i dont know, if os any oportunity to set this to that anybody can show all topics if they want?


Or ist must be like that? And only oportunity for visitors is searching? 🤔


Also I screenshot on mobile what I mean. It is slovak forum. 


Thanks for any suggestion 🙂 



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Hi @jaroslav-lachky,

This is because there are private or unapproved topics in the next x topics. So, only admin and moderators see the "load more" buttons. 

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@martin so if I understand right, if I change or delete that one priváte topics, it Will work? And will be showing all topics?


I háve got only one priváte topics and not unproved topics at all. Thanks