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wpForo 1.x.x Period string become "removed link" automatically, how to fix?

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When you enter any string of letters followed by a period it will turn into 'removed link' unless you enter a space before the period like so .

Here's an example if I just wrote a bunch of letters like 'ajdnfvkadjvnakldv' followed by a period:

It will turn in to   "removed link"   for my forum users. how to fix this?

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wpForo 1.2 comes with new options to control New Registered users. I recommend to read the changelog when you update and you’ll know all changes. There is an option to not allow new users post a link and this option is manageable. Just navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Antispam admin page and change the "Min number of posts user must have to post a link" option value. You can set it 0 if you don’t want to limit them.