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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Problem with "anonymous"

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After transfering a customer's forum from phpbb to wpforo, there seems to be a problem where "anonymous" is being tagged as the user name.  There was a user "anonymous" in the system which has been removed via the member settings and all posts were selected to be moved to another member, but the notification about the person who posted something remains "anonymous".  The members table does not show references to the now former "anonymous" user, nor do any posts have the "anonymous" user's former userid.  I've tried selecting the "Update Users Statistic" button ... but no visual changes occured.

What step(s) do I need to do to get the correct user name to show against a post?

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Hi @michael-tcr,

Forum to Forum migration is a large project. We’re really sorry but we cannot support issues arisen during your forum migration. We only support questions related to how to use and configure this tool in the wpForo support forum. We don’t support the result of migration. This kind of large work is out of our support. In case the migration result of this tool doesn’t satisfy you, you should contact professional forum migration services for custom migration. We only recommend gConverter or ProfProjects services for such projects. They have already done hundreds of forum to wpForo migration projects with the best result.