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Script [Closed] Problem with WpForo

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Hey guys

I have just a small problem with WpForo

my title is post name – category- Sitename

I don’t want to be like this, just i want use

post name – Sitename


how I can do that

* I use Rank math

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Hi @williamolsen,

You can do that using the hook code below. Put it in the functions.php file of your current active WordPress theme or install the Code Snippets plugin and insert the code as a new code snippet.

add_filter('wpforo_seo_topic_title', 'wpforo_my_custom_seo_topic_title');
function wpforo_my_custom_seo_topic_title( $title ){
if( isset($title[1]) ) unset($title[1]);
return $title;