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wpForo 1.x.x recaptcha locked me out

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Hi, I enabled recaptcha on my forum and wordpress site, and I put in my v3 recaptcha keys, now my website and forum is locked out, I am unable to login to my wordpress dashboard to change the keys. please help. How can I disable this recaptcha and regain access to my wordpress?

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Posted by: @dilhilar

and I put in my v3 recaptcha keys,

Why? It says the reCAPTCHA must be v2 "I'm not robot" checkbox. Why have you put your v3?


Now, you have to open File manager of your hosting cPanel, or use some FTP client to connect to the file system, then delete /wpforo/ folder from /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then you'll be able to login, after the login just go to Dashboard > Plugins and install the wpForo plugin back. And go to Forums > Tools > Antispam Tab and change the API keys to v2 "I'm not robot" checkbox API Keys.