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Remove @mention when replying to a topic

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Is there a way to remove the @mention that is automatically added when a user replies to a topic?

I see a setting to stop email notifications, but am looking for a way to have replies to a topic not @mention the author by default.

The scenario is: I've disabled email notifications for @mentions, and also enabled BuddyPress integration so topics and replies show on the social feed.

However when a user replies to a topic the @mention from wpForo is posted in the BuddyPress activity feed, and the user will then get an email notification for this post from BuddyPress because they're mentioned.

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Navigate to Dashboard > wpForo > Settings > Subscriptions & Mentioning > Enable User Mentioning. Then disable this option.

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@blackraz thx for the reply. However this option is already disabled.

My understanding of this option is that it only prevents the email notification from being sent by wpForo, not the user from automatically being mentioned on a reply.

The issue is that while wpForo doesn't send the email, because a user is automatically mentioned on a reply, when BuddyPress posts the reply to the social feed the user is mentioned, and then BuddyPress sends an email.