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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] REQ: 'unread posts' be hyperlinked to the post rather than topic

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Currently the lists of posts link to the topic URL but makes more sense for it to be linked to the post URL. Eg:

Consider fixing this in a future release of wpforo. Thank you.

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Not sure why but my site isn't linking to the newest 'unread post' in a topic but instead is linking to the start of the topic which is slow for multi page topics. So have changed it instead to point to the last post:


<td class="wpf-spost-title">
<?php // nando4 >> adjust 'unread posts' to list topics BUT change it link to the last post rather than first one ?>
<?php wpforo_topic_icon($topic); ?> <a href="<?php echo ($view == 'unread' ? $topic_posturl : wpforo_unread_url( $topic['topicid'], $topic_url )) ?>" class="wpf-spost-title-link" title="<?php echo ($view == 'unread' ? "View last post" : wpforo_phrase('View entire topic')) ?>"><?php echo esc_html($title) ?></a>&nbsp;<?php wpforo_unread_button($topic['topicid'], $topic_url); ?> <?php wpforo_viewing( $topic ); ?>


Something to consider for the next refresh.

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Please don't change the core code. Just remove it temporarily and pay with the "Topic Links Jump to First Unread Post" option in Forums > Settings > Features admin page.