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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Resolved not restricted to admins/mods

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I am wondering why non-logged in users have the ability to tag a topic as resolved. It seems to me it should be reserved for admin/mods or the owner of the topic. I cannot find where i can disable this functionality. From what i can understand it is not featured in the group permissions. Also, i tried from another computer to be sure it is not a cookie-based bug since i created the non-logged in topic myself, but it'S still there.

As you can see in the attached file the resolved option is available while no user is logged in.

Thanks !


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Hi @pht3k,

This is a result of the wrong forum permission configuration.

You should make sure the following two CANs are unchecked for Guests:

  • Can set own topic solved
  • Can set topic solved

I'd suggest you read this topic to get more info for forum permition configuration:


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OK thanks it's now working properly. I was trying to find the parameter in the usergroups section but it wasnt there. The forum access section is not intuitive tho. Maybe for a future version I suggest that the details for the first access - no access in my case - are already visible. With tabs at the top to change access parameters. This way the various parameters would be immediatley evident.