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wpForo 1.x.x Summary of permissions

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Everything is really looking good for us now. Thanks to everyone for getting me underway.

The last thing I would like to ask (I hope) is if there is a summary view of the permissions being used across the forums and subforums?

I've got a couple of top level categories each with multiple forums and couple of those forums have subforums.

For my users I have multiple logical groups - all users can see all of the top level categories and forums but I need to be very careful around some of the sub-forums which are very group specific

eg I have a Technology categgory containing a Technology forum which everyone can see, but then I have a Technology 101 sub-forum which only Usergroup 101 has access to. Then a Technology 102 sub-forum which ONLY Usergroup 102 has access to.

Is there any way to have a single page view showing the category/forum hierarchy and showing the  permissions?

I will be adding logical user groups and dedicated forums over time so being able to have an easy overview so I can be happy I'm not cocking it up would be very helpful.

As I add it will grow exponentially and will be quite easy to cock up. I am adding Usergroups with "No Access" by default then adding their access to each categroy/forum/sub-forum.

It will be easy to cock this up the only way to be sure is have a test user in in each Usergroup and login to make sure which will be quite slow.

If not, no problem at the moment as the scale isn't yet there but will grow pretty rapidly.

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Is there any way to have a single page view showing the category/forum hierarchy and showing the permissions?

I'm sorry but there is no place to see that. We'll add it in future releases.