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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Suspected Bot, Help please!

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I created the forum and everything works fine apart from two things. First, wont allow anyone to register. I keep continuously getting the message "Suspected Bot". I have seen other topics, have deactivated other plugins and changing themes but still having the same issue. 

Second problem is mobile padding, everything looks perfect on desktop computer and iPad etc but on mobile, it still has a little more padding on the sides and top and bottom, I want no padding at all. Can this be done?

The url to my forum is written below..

Thank you..

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This is not wpForo error. This is included by other plugins in wpForo registration form. wpForo registration for is the same WP registration form with all hooks that can be used by other plugins. You should search this problem in other plugins, probably by deactivating all those.
People say it related to other plugins like:
– MOJO Marketplace
– Bluehost plugin

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Great that worked, what about the mobile padding? I cant seem to fix that. I have already set the forum to full width without any padding..