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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Thinks we're all bots

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I can't seem to get registration to work. Every time someone tries to register, it gives an error that says "suspected bot". There are no options to add a captcha, and we can't even get to the point where we could do an email registration confirmation. I've installed a few different captcha programs, but none of them give options to be used in wpforo.

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Let me clarify - the captchas show up, but they do nothing. Whether the input is right or wrong, it still gives the error "suspected bot".

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This issue doesn't have direct relation to wpForo plugin. wpForo uses WordPress user registration functions. This error comes from other plugins for sure. Please read this support topic:

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@robert Well, here it is April 2021, and I'm having the same problem.  I deactivated all other plugins except WPForo, and I still get the "Bot Suspected" message whenever I try to register as a new user on my staging site.  Was there ever a solution found to this, other than plugin conflict?  I even turned off ReCaptcha, but no success.

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@tintinmilou If it doesn't come from a WP plugin (and you are 100% sure), then it comes from some server-wide protection that your hosting company has.

For example we are using Litespeed webserver and we had to turn its Wordpress protection off.

Ask your hosting company.