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Hi there,


Do you know where this data is pulling from? It is displaying my role title which I cannot recall where I added this, and I would like all members to be able to add theirs so it shows here too, but they all just say 'member' 'new member' or 'active member' right now.

It doesnt seem to be the 'title' - any ideas?


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Hi @lisayoung,

Navigate to wpForo > Settings > Member Rating Tab, Check "Enable Member Rating Titles" option and "" with checkboxes.

If "Enable Member Rating Titles" option is enabled wpForo would show at first Member Rating Titles based on "" options checkboxes.

If you uncheck one of the checkboxes, that usergroups users Member Rating Titles would be changed with Member Custom Title.

Test those settings and you would understand how those options effect to each other.