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Style [Solved] trouble with the avatar

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Hello, Can you help me ?

I'm having trouble with avatar picture, it's not showing a circle like demo.

2 spot I found follow the link below.

In post detail:

Member list:

I try to custom style but not work.

Thank you.

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your plugin "masterstudy-lms-learning-management-system" causes the problem


add this to custom css

#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpforo-members-wrap td.wpf-members-avatar img {
max-height: 64px;
#wpforo #wpforo-wrap .wpfl-2 .wpforo-post .wpf-left .avatar {
max-height: 110px;

Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Style (custom css)

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@tutrix Thank you very must. It working fine now. 😆