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wpForo 1.x.x [Closed] Unable to copy and paste 1 page doc into topic

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We 've been writing our posts ahead of time and when we try to copy and paste a 1 page doc from apple's pages into a topic, it doesn't save and just refreshes the page.  Our max post size is. 150mb so not sure what is causing the issue.  It will accept typed in content, but not pasted content.  


Please advise.



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Your document may contain 64base images and be very large for posting a textual information.This is the reason why the [ T ] button exists in the editor toolbar. This button allows to paste copied documents into the editor as plain text. The documents may have tons of irregular HTML tags so you should always use the [ T ] button.

Here is the three steps:

  1. Copy the document
  2. Then click the [ T ] button
  3. Paste the copied content in the editor (you can use Ctrl+V to paste it)