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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] Views counter not updating with cache enabled

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I need to ask regarding a scenario I forgot to ask in the previous post about this matter. Say I lock a thread and no more comments can be added. How will the views of such thread ever be updated? It will just remain static forever? I personally never flush forum cache. I never remember or bother to do that.

I ask this because I think this is a huge issue, especially if the view count of locked threads never get updated. I'm interested to know. If it doesn't, I think it might be necessary to come up with some sort of fix or solution. Maybe a function which updates view count automatically a set number of times per day (or whatever you set it to).

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It doesn't matter the thread is closed or not, the cache is always being reset. It's not only based on new replies, the cache is being reset on lots of actions in the forum and even in the dashboard. So, just don't worry, we've already taken all scenarios into account.

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@robert ok! That is great then 🙂 I'm happy with that answer. Thank you.