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wpForo 1.x.x User Title to User GroupID

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Dear Developers ,


Allow me first to thank you for the amazing forum and its features ,


I Have a question , is there anyway we could Change the user title field to default group , e.g ( Admin, Moderator , etc...) on post page ?

like instead of pulling User Title which set on the profile to Auto-pull the user groupid ??

Thank you so much .

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Thank you fayezalnaji,

I'm sorry but there is no way yet. However this is already in our to-do list, we'll make it available in near future releases.

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I've done my look around the plugin

I found the post.php file of foro :

now in displaying  the title i found the following code :

(                     <div class="author-title">
                        <?php wpforo_member_title($member) ?>
                    </div> )

What we need now is the code of the usergroup instead of the title ^_^ to add it manually . 


I have attached a photo of duplicated member titles to make sure it will be listed clearly .


Thank you and have a great day .