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[Closed] Website migration completed but a few issue has come out.

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Hi great people!

I have been using WPForo for over an year.

As I am growing the users number I let some spammers to sign up, just to look more popular, then once it has become popular , I will get rid of spammers... I am wondering whether that could cause the following issue.

I completed the migration from to .

The migration seemed done sucessfully.

The website is in two languages, but the WPforo in it has been always just in English language.

In the new website, I noticed that the WPforo menu is in Italian language now... that's weird... when I tried the menu function, the links are broken. 

Today I spent the whole day, I couldn't fix it...

Anybody can help?

Thanks in advance.




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I see the forum, it works fine. So it's hard to find the issue you're mentioning. 

If you want to change the forum default language you can set it in wpForo > Boards > Edit Boards admin page.