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wpForo 1.x.x [Solved] wpForo 1.6.0 update removed vote buttons for answers

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We updated to wpForo 1.6.0 on our test server (and our live server, but rolled it back to 1.5.5) and all the vote buttons are missing from everything except the original post in a thread. I've attached a screenshot here. 

Any thoughts on why we're seeing this? We cleared all caches, updated the media query string for W3TC, etc.


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The issue comes from your side. wpForo doesn't have such problem. Here are the reasons:

  1. You have customized wpForo template files in your WP active theme /wpforo/ directory. Please delete all old files.
  2. You have a hard cache. Please delete all caches, then delete those again, then delete hosting cache if you have, then reset/delete minifyer/optimizer and other content cacher plugins cache. then navigate to forum front-end end press Ctrl+F5 to delete browser cache and refresh it.
  3. Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and press on [Delete all caches] button.
  4. Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Tools > Debug > Tables sub-tab, if you see database problems please click on [Solve database problems] button.