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[Closed] Does Go2wpForo redirect urls to wpForo after migration?

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Hi Robert, 

Does the plugin to redirect links from the BBpress forum to WP foro work for redirecting the URLs when migrating from phpBB to WPForo?

How does that redirection affect the SEO of the forum?


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We've created a content migration tool, but we can't care about all migration issues. You should care about that yourself. There are many articles related to website URL redirection, such as these:


If you don't redirect URLs it'll affect your forum SEO temporally. In a few weeks Google will index your new wpForo Forum and bring result from new forum. It'll be faster if you provide wpForo Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool. However the old forum results will be lost, because all URLs will not work.

In any case if you're ready to spend some money you can ask professional migration services to do this migration. They'll write some code and care about URL migration too. I recommend gConverter or ProfProjects services for such projects. They have already done hundreds of forum to wpForo migration projects with a great result.


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