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[Closed] Migrating from Dizkus forum on Postnuke

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I've got a forum at https://www.thebeachcats.com/forums  . The forum uses a module of the old CMS Postnuke called Dizkus. The data structure can be seen at GitHub here https://github.com/damon18/dizkus-bbpress/blob/master/dizkus_sql_structure.txt  

Have you happened to deal with that before? The Dizkus module was originally based on phpBB 2 but adapted to work within the Postnuke CMS.

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Currently you can check one of these paid options:

Convert Discuz! to wpForo

Migrate Discuz! to wpForo

Or you should somehow migrate to bbPress, then use Go2wpForo tool to migrate to wpForo:


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Thanks for the info, but just to let you know, the forum module I have is Dizkus for the Postnuke/Zikula CMS


and not Discuz! which is a different project.

I'll see if your suggested migration companies will give  a quote. Let me ask, are these actually two different organizations? If I ask for an estimate from both of them am I wasting everyone's time since it's really just one group?