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[Closed] SQL query to add topics

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First all claps for such a wonderful forum that too integrated with WordPress. I am wondering if anyone can provide SQL script to create topics in bulk.

I have excel sheet with the topic in one column. I am thinking If I can insert all those column values as topics in the forum in bulk. Any lead will be highly appreciated.


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Hi @jospehmoseph,

The main issue is UserID and ForumID relation to Topics. If you do a simple import your topics will not be attached to any forum or to any user. Those topics will not appear on forum because they don't have correct ForumIDs and UserIDs. You should have Forums, Topics, Posts and Users excel sheets. And it should be imported with relation of new IDs in database. in other words a simple SQL will not be able to do that. This requires a deep custom work with custom codding and processing. At the moment I think the best way is asking to ProfProjects GP or gConverter, LLC to do this job. 

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