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[Solved] I can't disable right sidebar on generatepress template

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Hi guys,

I'm facing a little problem with wpforo & generatepress integration. 

Basicly generatepress has an option to disable the right sidebar on selected pages but that option is not working with wpforo. Generatepress support team asked me to contact you and ask you if is there any if condition that can be used on this filter for WPForo pages.

This is thread on generatepress forum:

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Hi @rmubrik,

wpForo Sidebar is a separate sidebar in Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets admin page. You just need to put some widget and remove it from the wpForo Sidebar to reset sidebar cache and remove it. Please read wpForo Sidebar and Widget documentation:

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Also, edit the page that contains the WPforo shortcode and in layout select "Content - no sidebars". 

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@verek @robert Thankyou guys, very appreciated!