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[Closed] Help please

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Hello friends i have used the wp-forum short code plugins and it works all well, the only problem is that when i go to upload a theme or a forum i appear a lot of strange codes and a preview of the whole home page of my site wordpress. But when cedro to the forum as administrator if he shows me without problems the form to create my forum theme but as a non-administrator user, i can't. Attached screen captur, i wish you could help me to find the solution. Greetings

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I cannot enlarge it to see the error messages, Please attach the screenshot with a good quality here.


P.S. Please never use upper case sentences in topics, posts and emails. This is like shouting. Here is a good article about that:

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@Martin Thank you for your prompt response, I attach new clearer screenshots. This only happens when a common user enters, but the administrator can easily create a new topic.