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[Closed] Help getting Forum on front page

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I have the forum setup on forum page and i am running it from the menu and works OK.

I need help because my home page is running Divi Builder and with Divi the only way to add the shortcode for [forum] is to add it to a code widget, and the forum wont work properly because the forum does shows on home page, but when i open Profile Tab - I get a  blank page, same for members I get blank page and so on, so what do i need to do to fix this issue?

I have read forum home instructions but i can't change home page, and what to do with the slug /community/ i have no idea.

Can you please help me get my forum to the home page, my site MUFC 

Thank you.




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Hi @munitedfc,

I'm sorry, but we cannot help you do this. You should contact to Divi theme support. They know better how to manage their theme home page and add shortcodes.

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Hi, Im not sure if Im understanding your question correctly.... if I have,all you need to do its to creat a new page, add this shortcode as seen in the screamshot and add the following shortcode and then put a link in yoursite menu to said new paga that you created for the forum

Else, if you want to use your home page to display the forum, do the same but in the "home page in Divi

IF, Im understanding your question right