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[Closed] Integration and server resources

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Hello everyone, I'm a Brazilian developer beginner and now I have one question. I'm a build the private social network and what is the server resources can I need to rum this Plugin WP Foro Foum with the BuddyPress and others plugim? I have one server in the Hetzner Cloud with the 03 Vcpus and 8 gb of memory. I intall the wordpress, and buddypress and add-ons. 

Thank for all and God Bless all

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Hi @telebarbosa,

wpForo is light by default, but all depends on your database.

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Hello Cris.
First, this plugin is very amazing. Now I'm using this plugin in my projetc of the private social network, juntamente com o BuddyPress e addo-ons . My question is I'm using the Locoo Translate but I can't translate this words on the find of type the Job. For exemplo: Parttime - freelancer - fulltime and more. Ok . I'm a young developer beginner that have 60 years old. But I no desist of my dreams.
Coming soon I'll purchase the version pro.
Oops: Now I'll terminet the translate for the portuguese Pt-Br for Brazil. And after this I can send the file PO and MO for the your team.

Best regards

Telêmaco Barbosa

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@telebarbosa I you mean wpForo PRO, there is no pro version.

Just some quality paid addons.