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[Closed] Simple Membership Integration

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I've seen previous queries on this.
I have Simple Membership set up with Membership Levels.
I have pages with Member Only access according to those levels.
I see "Forums" is a single page as far as the WP installation is concerned.

Is there any way to simply synchronise "Membership Levels" with wpForo "Group ID's"?
Or is this always going to be a matrix of access (see / read) levels vs permissions (author / moderate) on the given forum page?

I can see how to set up Group ID's related to my Membership Levels manually, just thinking about future user / member maintenance.

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Hi @psybertron,

Please read this support topic:

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Yes, that is the best way to do it (highest quality information modelling) agreed. (user-role being distinct from user)

I think my point is slightly different - and the same problem as highlighted in the linked thread. It's about whether "Group-ID" does indeed map (one-to-one) to WP "user-role"?

Clearly I can ask the same question of  "Simple WP Membership" plug-in - does "Membership Level" map to WP "user role"?

If either of those relationships is not synched one-to-one then we have a matrix of possible mappings between wpForo's "GroupID" and SWPM's "MembershipLevel" ?

It's manageable. Just thinking out loud. Thanks for your help.