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[Closed] Buddypress

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I am considering wpforo.  I have an active forum with social media /community integration.  I like the simple and elegant design of the wpforo user custom fields addon demo, but I am not sure it has enough features compared to using buddypress.   I was wondering what other users think about using or not using buddypress with wpforo? 

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Hi @norcal,

wpForo is well integrated with BuddyPress plugin. 

Please check the following options wpForo offers:

  • BuddyPress Activity Integration - posts members activity (new topic, new reply, post like) to BuddyPress Profile Activity page.
  • BuddyPress Notification Integration - creates notification on new forum reply in BuddyPress Profile Notification page.
  • BuddyPress Profile Forum Tab Integration - adds "Forums" tab with "Created Topics", "Posted Replies", "Liked Posts" and "Subscriptions" sub-tabs to BuddyPress Profile page.
  • Replace Forum Profile with BuddyPress Profile - replaces wpForo Member Profile page with BuddyPress Profile Page.

wpForo also allows you to change the authorization pages to BuddyPress authorization one.