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[Closed] Health website

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Thanks to wpforo that we could make our health community at . I am exiting to see what wpforo 2.0 is offering. 

I am very glad to show my wpforo website here.


Posted : 24/06/2022 7:22 am
Robert reacted
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Nice forum, still you have an issue / crash:

Uncaught SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'

Press F12 to see the issue in your browser's console.

Posted : 24/06/2022 7:46 am
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Hi @jyotirmoy99,

Your forum doesn't work for guest visitors because it's hard cached by litespeed plugin and by litespeed minifying/optimizing functions. So please do the following steps if you want to have a healthy forum:

  1. Please navigate in Dashboard to LiteSpeed Cache > Cache admin page
  2. Go to Exclude Tab, find the "Do Not Cache URIs" option
  3. Insert the URL path(s) of your forum page(s) one per line in the option textarea:
  4. Save it and delete all caches.

In case you want to say thank you !)
We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Posted : 02/09/2022 2:30 pm
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@robert thanks you. I have corrected the point you mentioned. Is there any other things I need to change? 

Thanks once again for this awesome plugin.

Posted : 03/09/2022 2:08 am