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[Closed] My education website designed using wpForo

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So here I present to you my Educational forum based website. I am thankful to team wpforo for this great plugin.


It will be awesome if I can get some suggestions. I am waiting for it!

Posted : 01/07/2021 6:03 am
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Great forum and your site is useful 👍 

My Test Forum

منتدى تقارب التطويري
سبحان الله وبحمده .. سبحان الله العظيم

Posted : 01/07/2021 8:36 am
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Hi @swarup,

Nice forum! Please don't forget to disable the debug mode in Dashboard > Forums > Settings > Features Tab. It's enabled at this moment.

In case you want to say thank you !)
We'd really appreciate and be thankful if you leave a good review on plugin page. This is the best way to say thank you to this project and support team.

Posted : 02/07/2021 4:28 am
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Expired SSl certificate.

Posted : 21/11/2021 5:41 pm