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[Closed] Import very slow. What to expect?

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I'am about to migrate from bbPress to wpForo but I have notices this will take some time.

Therefor I have deployed a new bare metal server with the fastest CPU I could find but it's still very slow. It started ok but the rate have gone down and I think the total time will be at least 3 days to finish.

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CPU 8 cores with single core speed/rate of 3500, 128Gb mem and SSD disks.

 A new fresh install of Wordpress with wpforo and the import is from another database.

Only one CPU is in use of course but no IO wait.


Is there something to be done to speed things up?

Tuning of mariadb, tuning opcache. Should I use redis object cache or not etc.

I have noticed that the server is set to multithread but I think it should be better to turn that off in BIOS.

Any tips are welcome!

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Hi @hagen,

We can suggest the following:

  • Manage the import in local server, if it's possible.
  • It's desirable that the source and destination Databases are one in the server.
  • Change all WP and wpForo tables Engines to MyISAM before the import, and after the import maker sure that you have changed all back to InnoDB

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