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[Closed] How to Translate?

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You have three options to translate wpForo:

1. Use .POT file, it's located in /wpforo/wpf-languages/ directory.

2. Navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Phrases and edit/translate all phrases

3. Use attached xml file, and import it in Dashboard > Forums > Settings admin page.


Menu Translation

Please read this topic:

Reputation Title Translation

Navigate to Forums > Settings > Members admin page. Here you can see the list of reputation titles.

Missing phrases (If those are not inserted in POT file)

You can translate any phrase using Forums > Phrases admin page. Search for certain phrase, edit and put the translated value. If you didn't find some phrase you can add it as well. just use the [Add New] button. Please note, the key of the new phrase must be the English version, the value can be the translated version.


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