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[Closed] Dont see post, thread

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Hello COmunity,
I think I'm on the right steps in updating my forum.

I successfully migrated the entire mybb database but I notice that it does not show the posts? it is as if they were lost, I have searched for documentation and I can not find where I can guide me to solve this part.

Attached are pictures of support

wpforo-1.png (1288×672) (

wpforo-2.png (1233×841) (

When try to see a Post display some like: (wordpress/#post-3070
But must be Like: Post URL COrrect

In the moment to link redirect to URL similar: #post-3070

Check the Permalinks and its Ok,  Any Suggestion to Fix?

Thanks in advance for support

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Hi @diegopino,

Checked your forum, I don't see any issues with your Topics and Posts. Everything seems to work.