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New Feature [Solved] Duplicate on forum

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You have still duplivate issue for meta title

1. For pages. For examlpe: and and and etc 

All pages have one exactly meta titles <title>annushka – Activity – wpForo Support Forum</title>

also others any forum topics which include two or more pages (/paged/2/).

This is issue for SEO (you can check attached report pdf).

Solution: add automatic for all pages (exlude main) in title "number page"

<title>annushka | Activity | wpForo Support Forum | page 2</title>

2. Also this is possible if user create exactly topic title which ready on forum before. 

Solution: Add for post to metatitle "post id number"

Sorry for my poor English. You can read here

Best regards


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Hi @annushka,

Added to our to-do list. Thanks for suggesting.

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@chris You are welcome! 😊