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[Closed] Features that are a must have - Live Notifications, Tapatalk support + a few other suggestions

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@Robert The support and answers you give in this forum is fantastic. Makes me even more happier that I chose this plugin for my forum. Really nice news to hear you are already working on notifications.

@Wendell I haven't heard of AppPresser but I will look into it. Thank you very much. It is not so much about tapatalk, as it is about having push notifications on your mobile phone when someone has replied to your post.

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Posted by: Joseph
1. Live notifications - This is a must, and should be a priority. User should be notified when someone has replied to their post. This is crucial for engagement and keeping people ON the forum. Please implement this as soon as you can. I know they can be notified by email but that is not the same. We live in an age where each "app" has it's own notifications. Plus, this way people never have to leave the forum. This is, without a doubt, the most requested feature our forum members had.
This could have a lot to do with the audience - my users would much prefer to have a "digest" email (once a week or month) with topics that have been added or replied to as many find that instant notifications are overwhelming and annoying. 
I get more requests about "how do you turn notifications off" rather than "let me have more and instantly!". 
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Any help, guidance or insight as to why Subscriber notifications not working would be appreciated.

Followed all previous posts' advice and tested with a separate domain (gmail) user account.

Tested with both a new Add topic and an existing - using anothermember email account
Subscribed to new replies
Received and responded to the Confirm email for the topic - gmail account

Created new topic and new post - gmail account
Add a post to topic using anothermember account auto-notification received - gmail account

Admin notifications all work fine!

Thanks in advance


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Related topics based on tags  should be priority. Without related Topics pageview of a forum goes down.

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Very pleased to see requests still coming in for live notifications and an app.

An app is the ultimate solution. But live notifications while a user is on the site would be the next logical step. Even for a user to be able to log back into the site and get notifications of what happened since last on posts they are involved in. Maybe a personal newsfeed or digest. A personalized version of the recent posts page.

One better than this would be the halfway between. Not a full app, just one that aids delivery of push notifications to mobile device. You get the notification in notification bar, press it and it takes you to the relevant page on the site. But please ensure this works for private forums - behind a paywall. So the app will have to have a feature to keep the user logged into the site.

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