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[Closed] Features that are a must have - Live Notifications, Tapatalk support + a few other suggestions

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Posted by: anonymous3542

@samhunter you wouldn't be paying for any services I provide. There are two points I'll make here.

1. wpForo is open source and we have a great community here. I'm an advocate of open source so won't be charging . It's my way of giving something back. 

2. I have a vested interest in this so I can't realistically charge you or anyone else for something I want myself .

I'll need information around the hooks though so hopefully @robert can provide insight .

That would be amazing @anonymous3542 I hope we can get those web hooks from @robert

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These guys have some push notifications for forums experience and purportedly have a WP solution in the works.

As some of the posters have mentioned though, I would prefer to support a Gvectors solution.

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I looked at  and RSS feeds. Simply put, an RSS feed is the answer. There are lots of apps out there which will give you a notification on mobile when the RSS feed is updated. However, my particular problem is the site is behind a paywall and so the RSS feed is inaccessible - well at least I've not found an app that you can put your login credentials into and it pull the RSS feed successfully.

But anyway, after a long night where I fell asleep at my keyboard, I solved it the very next day. I did it with a telegram bot that can pipe emails from an address of its own creation to a telegram chat. Of course the user has to change their email address on the forum to the one provided by the bot.     Steps at the bottom...

It's not perfect and on a per user basis there could be a security implication of involving the 3rd party bot and an email address that the user doesn't really control. However, in my forums there is only really one forum that users want immediate updates on - it's stock trading signals. So I made a vanilla user account and subscribed it to new topics on that forum. I set it's email as provided by the bot after installing  the bot into a telegram channel. All interested users can subscribe to that channel to safely get updates immediately - average 5 seconds in my tests.
This has already proved so popular today that I did another one for the site wide recent topics. Only issue was I have to manually sign the second vanilla user account up to each and every forum because there is no subscribe on the recent post page.
Anyway, it's much better than everyone getting so many emails.

1.       On a mobile device, go to

2.       Press on ‘Launch the Bot’. A chat with the bot should open in telegram app.

3.       Press on ‘Start’. It will tell you an email address. We don’t need that.

4.       Go to your channel you have set up for your users to get notifications (public channel, or if your site is members only then set it as private).

5.       Press on the name of your channel at the top. A new window should open.

6.       Press on the cog. More options will appear.

7.       Press on ‘Administrators’. You will go into a window showing the administrators.

8.       Press on ‘Add Administrator’.

9.       Press the search magnifying glass.

10.   Type in the search @etlgr_bot

11.   Select to add as an administrator with all permissions

12.   Go back to the main screen of the channel

13.   Send the following message /start

14.   A notification will appear in your other chat with the bot.

15.   Go to that chat

16.   It will give you an email address.

17.   Set that email address on your vanilla user account in the forums.

18.   Subscribe that user to whatever notifications you want the people in the channel to see.

19.   Change the forum notification email templates so the notifications are presented well as notification on Telegram

20.   Test by writing a topic.

21.   A notification appears in the Telegram Channel. It will be the same message on a subscription email, a small preview with a link to the full post on the website. It is good that it's only a preview and that they can't reply in a channel as it will keep people on the website. You could do this in a chat group but then you would have users interacting there rather than in the forums.

Any questions, just let me know. Getting to this point nearly sent me round the twist so if I can make it easier for anyone else I will gladly help.

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I'm curious what the status on these must haves? any clue on tapatalk support? A lot of users use it to manage their forums, were they contacted. Do you need backup (us sending them email)...

btw, facebook login (account creation) isn't even working, it just stays in loading limbo. 

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I'm sorry but the tapatalk integration is out of must have features. There is no any plans yet.

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