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[Closed] Feedback: Plugin Support & Troubleshooting $90/year

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Does anyone subscribe to the Plugin Support & Troubleshooting $90/year plan?

I have been using Wpforo for 1-2 years. The forum and moderators are excellent, and I fixed many issues with them on the forum.

Then, I invested in the Customization & Integration $90/year plan 1 week ago. 


I am so disappointed! No support ticket system. You have to send your request to yes, sales...

And you wait for an answer. For my request on 11/28, we are 12/4, and I am still waiting..

When decided to invest in Pro Support because I trust the gVector teams and expected an absolute pro service.

I don't understand; this is a support service of 90's (with IBM :-))

Does anyone face the same behavior, or do I miss something?


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Hi @ldj72,

The pro support is for fixing issues which require deep debugging. So you just need to provide them the information about issues you have via email address. There is no ticket system and that's not mandatory as soon as you keep contacting with the support them.

Also please don't public email conversations, it's not a good attitude to the private conversation members. I've removed it.

The pro support response you with 1-2 days as it's mentioned on the subscription page, so it should not be a thing for discussion as well.

I'm closing this topic as it's irrelevant to this forum. Please open a new support topic in gVectors Support forum for further questions  or contact the pro support directly via the email address you have been responded.

You can also request for refund if you don't want to get pro support without ticket system.

BTW, I've just contacted the support them and got information that you have been responded on the same day 28.11, please check your emails. They have responded and said:

It'll take 36-48 hours to do what you've requested.

Thank you for your understanding.