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Suggestion [Closed] Google Recaptcha version

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Hello, dear developers! Have you ever thought about changing the built-in Google recaptcha from version v2 to version v3? I am sure that our community will be immensely grateful to you, because the hard-to-distinguish images imposed in v2 strongly irritate users. Especially when used on mobile devices. Third-party plugins, for example, do not solve the issue for me, because when registering, they throw out the newly registered user on the login form instead of leaving him logged in. Only the built-in recaptcha works normally, so I hope for you! 🙂 
I am grateful in advance.

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Yes, but it has very low priority.

V2 protects better than V3. And you're not required to use the built-in wpForo reCAPTCHA. You can use other reCAPTCHA plugins, but make sure they support wpForo: