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How does WPforo compare to software like MyBB and xenforo?

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I am making a online forum and I am interested in this plugin. With all the good addons on WPForo how would it compare to forum software like MyBB and xenforo. Is it as good, almost as good, better, ect.  And this is for a forum only website. 

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Hi @parker,

Thank you for your interest in wpForo. It's hard to write a complete comparing list of these forum platforms. Sure, MyBB and XenForo are popular forum software and they should have more functions , features and options to control forums. However wpForo also has many advantages and modern unique features over those software. I'm only writing the main differences and advantages here:


1. wpForo focused on modern and easy solutions. We're working to create user and usage friendly forum software. We don't make it hard and complicated. We make it practice and smooth. All settings and management tools are very intuitive, easy to find and control in compere to MyBB and XenForo.

2. wpForo is a WordPress plugin. It allows to create a professional powerful community in an unlimited feature-rich website building platform (WordPress). Almost all (dozens of thousands) WordPress plugins are compatible with wpForo. All WordPress themes are compatible with wpForo. In other words you have unlimited options to extend your website/forum and choose look and fill.

3. wpForo is the first and only forum software which allows you create many kind of forums in one forum. It comes with multiple forum layouts. You can use all them in one forum.

  • Extended Layout: Classic forum layout with an unique feature to show one level deeper information in advance. You can see latest topics of each forum on Forum List and latest posts of each topic on Topic List.
  • Simplified Layout: Light, modern and beautiful forum layout with topic and post author avatars on forum and topic lists.
  • Question and Answer Layout: Complete Question & Answers discussion board for professional support and for communities similar to Stack Overflow. Perfect platform for users to ask and answer questions, and, through membership and active participation, to vote up or down.
  • New – Threaded Layout: You can use this layout for any kind of discussions, especially for support forums, support tickets, product reviewing discussions and thread oriented forums (small number of categories and forums, even just one forum)


4. wpForo has multi-level antispam and security, based on built in Spam Control, reCAPTCHA, WordPress Aksimet and tons of WordPress Security plugins.

5. Allows to create synced cross-posted blog with forum. There are many wpForo Users who keep cross-posting forum with Blog. This brings very good engagement. Connects Blog commenters with Forum Members. The only example I've seen is the wpForo - Blog Cross-Posting solution. 


And many more... I'd continue this list if you provide more specific area of comparison.

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With all the addons this seems like it can compete with forum software like MyBB. Just one more question. Is there a way to remove new post needing moderation before people can see them?