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[Solved] How to cleanup posts from all Forums

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I had setup a forum which the client used for testing functionality. I cleaned up all the wpForo transaction tables except the ones which contain some setup or static information. Everything seems to be ok but on the Forum home page under the forum which had test posts, the forum details show "Topics: 1  |  Posts: 2". I am not sure from where this is coming. Does wp_options store any of this info?

Kindly let me know how to cleanup all the transaction tables so that I can use the forum structure as if it was freshly created. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall wpForo because that will make me do all the setups again. I am using the latest wpForo on WordPress 5.2.2.

Number of rows in each table is given below: (I have 4 forums, 4 user profiles, 2 tags)
lg_wpforo_accesses 5
lg_wpforo_activity 0
lg_wpforo_forums 4
lg_wpforo_languages 1
lg_wpforo_likes 0
lg_wpforo_phrases 650
lg_wpforo_posts 0
lg_wpforo_profiles 4
lg_wpforo_subscribes 0
lg_wpforo_tags 2
lg_wpforo_topics 0
lg_wpforo_usergroups 5
lg_wpforo_views 0
lg_wpforo_visits 1
lg_wpforo_votes 0


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This is a cache and a result of direct data removing from database. Please navigate to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard admin page and click following buttons with following order:

  • Update Topics Statistic
  • Update Users Statistic
  • Delete Phrase Cache
  • Delete User Cache
  • Synch User Profiles
  • Update Forums Statistic
  • Delete All Caches


Then delete website cache.

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Thanks a lot. That did it.
One more query, it still shows in front of this forum - "Last Post Info" by Anonymous, 3 weeks ago.
Any way to remove that. For other forums it shows, "Forum is empty".

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Another good method is creating new topic in that forum, then reply in that topic and then delete that topic. After this manipulation go to Dashboard > Forums > Dashboard and click on [Delete all caches]. This manipulation should be done for each forum separately.