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Suggestion [Closed] How to do this ... and if not should be possible

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Forum board name with image icon as prefix/postfix.. tbh just being able to provide a image for the entire title would be useful with/out text.. not some font icon that is pretty limiting

And creating a forum/board for redirects  ie it is a link to something else/page on/off site ...(click counter is optional but this one is just a useful thing most other forums have supported.. not sure it's not possible with this..dissapointing as imports from other boards just make this into a forum board that has no posts...)

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Hi @koolio ,

Thank you for the suggestion. Currently, wpForo does not support the functionality you mentioned. However, we have added your request to our consideration list. In the future, the new wpForo theme may be able to work with custom image icons instead of font-awesome. Additionally, the functionality to add a links section in the forums list will also be considered.