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[Closed] How to style answer box ?

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I’m designing a wordpress website however I have no experience with html and CSS so when I need to fix bits and bobs of my website, I copy and paste CSS code that I manage to find online and it has been working so far.

The problem I have at the moment is I’m using a forum plugin called wpforo and I would like to edit how the reply / create new topic box looks. It looks very cluttered and unattractive.

What CSS could I add such that I could hide a few buttons? Here are some screenshots of how the answer box is laid out on my website. (divs and classes)

Hiding some buttons would be the quick fix, if possible – what CSS could I add such that I could reveal the hidden buttons with an ‘advanced’ button then unreveal it with a ‘basic button’, here are two screenshots to demonstrate what I mean.

Thank you.

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Hi @marylester,

The screenshot is missing. However, I'd suggest you read Alvina's answer here:

Here she explained how to remove TinyMCE buttons.