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[Closed] Hungry for 2.0!

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I have been wanting the forum to have live updates when people post for ages. I see some forum software already does this.

It was mentioned that something like this may be coming with the 2.0 version, but we would have to pay a separate fee. Like a live chat plug, the forum would work on a different kind of server? So there would be an additional fee for this kind of software? 

So a couple of questions really.

How likely is it we will see this type of forum update with the 2.0 version? 

If it is going to happen, do you have estimates on cost? 

Do you have an estimated time for arrival?

The 2.0 version, from what I have read, and the rumours i have heard, sounds like its going to be game changing, and i am hungry for it!! lol 

Can you feed us a little info about what may be coming? And when? It would make it easier when it comes to raising funds to pay for any extra fees. 

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It's too early to discuss the 2.0 version features and to promise something. Yes, it'll be a game changing release. We'll add REST API to provide real-time updating features, but the chat will not be included in the core, it'll be provided as a separate service working on a centralized server like other SaaS's. However, the real time updating features of the core wpForo components will be added in the  free plugin core.

We'll add new theme and layouts for sure. Lots of new features will be added, and the dashboard settings will be fully redesigned and rebuilt. This will make it much easier to manage forum options and settings.

There is no any ETA yet, but it'll take months for sure, maybe up to the end of this year.