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New Feature [Closed] I have a suggestion regarding threaded layout.

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Hi, @robert

I really appreciate your efforts.

I have five suggestions regarding threaded layout 🙂

First, here's a screenshot :

At the end of topic subject, the number in parentheses means the number of comments.

Then add the number of Likes received by the topic to the current comments number column.

By modifying the layout in this way, you can easily see how popular this topic is or how many comments it has. With this feature, I hope there's a popular forum topic widget(Only for topics).

Second, please remove the subject line of the reply. Not only does it not require a title, it also exposes too much information to the search by title.

Third, currently, users have to select a type of forum from the options after a search to find some topics in the specific forum. Please add a search form besides page selection for each forum so that only those topics corresponding to that forum are searched.

Screenshot :

Finally, the search result page layout.

The options are interfering with the search results, so I'd like to move them from the top to the bottom.

In addition, "Sort Search Results by: relevancy" is the default, and I'd like to change it to "Date". Due to relevancy option, outdated information that is not necessary is placed at the top.

Fifth, As I stated above, due to reply subject, duplicate topics and comments are appearing in search results. I would like to be able to search only topic titles and content. For replies search, I think it would be good to leave as an option.

Thank you again! I love your great work and I'm looking forward to it 😀

Best regards,


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Ok, thank you for the suggestions. We'll take those under consideration for sure.