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[Closed] Mark a reply as private. We need this feature.

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We need the ability to mark a reply as private so our admins can respond to the reply and nobody else but the person who wrote the reply can see it.

Is there any chance you guys would add this as a feature.   It's hard to moderate as we run a paid program and we just can't delete a reply from someone or keep it as un-approved as our moderation list gets longer and longer.

What would it take for us to get this feature?

Thanks much

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Hi @joel,

You just need to ask users to create a private topic and let admins discuss in that private topic privately. This is the only and correct solution. If we allow private replies then the whole security system will be affected. It's almost impassible to control private rules for each sub-thread of a topic in the topic, in the forum lists and in widgets.