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[Solved] Member Profile Page - Making Member Activity Area Clickable [Feature Suggestion]

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Currently, the Member Activity stats area on a Member Profile Page shows how many posts, likes, etc. associated with a member (as shown in attached screenshot).

I'm wondering if it would be possible in future releases to make these stats clickable?

If these stats were clickable, a member could use them as shortcuts or reminders to posts they want to visit again.

For example, let's say a member "likes" certain posts within the Forum. If the "Liked" stat were clickable, a member could click that number and see a list of all posts they "Liked" - it would be sort of a bookmark system. 

A member could also click on the "Forum Posts" stat to see a list of all their posts within the Forum. You get the idea.

With the Member Activity as it is now, it's just numbers, but no way to click through to see what makes up these numbers. 

I understand a member can "Subscribe" to various topics and use the "Subscriptions" tab in their Member Profile, but that is very different than bookmarking a post with a "Like" and being able to click to get a list of "liked" posts. 

I also understand a member can use the "Activity" tab within their Member Profile page, but again, that is chronological activity - doesn't bring you to just a list of posts you "Liked". 

Thanks for considering this. 

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Hi @thedrawingboard,

Yes, this is already in our to-do list. We'll add it in near future releases. 

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That's AWESOME! Thank you!

I really appreciate all the time and effort you all spend on making this plug-in better and better all the time.